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Protecting and improving water quality performance is central to everything we do at Panton McLeod, the appointment of Ceris Van De Vyver to the role of Chief Scientist & Business Lead for the new business stream in December 2015 now allows our expertise to be shared with our clients.

Ceris brings over 20 years’ experience in water quality science and Microbiology to a senior management team already holding over 40 years’ experience in the fields of Engineering and Chemistry.

Our water quality support services are now available to compliment your existing resource, allowing you to benefit from best practice techniques acquired as a result of working with other leading water supply companies both in the UK and globally.

Working with leading UK clients we are currently helping set best practice standards in all areas around potable water storage assets.

Whether it is a one off project or an ongoing arrangement our team can help identify key challenges and also work with you on delivering the solutions.

Panton McLeod areas of expertise:

  • Strategic Planning Support
  • Development Of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Best Practice Training
  • Water Quality Workshops
  • Specialist Technical Support
  • Project Management

Introduction to Water Industry - Institute of Water Training:

  • Two day course provided at your location
  • Learn about all the functions involved in the delivery of a water service
  • Gain a comprehensive overview of the UK water industry
  • Identify the key drivers and economic value chain in the water industry
  • Learn about all the functions involved in the delivery of a water service
  • Expand their existing knowledge of the water industry
  • Explore issues affecting the future of water service provision in the UK and beyond
  • Read the press release about the training course here
  • Download the booking form HERE

To book the Institute of Water training course or discuss how the team can support your team please contact Ceris via ceris.vandevyver@pantonmcleod.co.uk

Panton McLeod are the approved suppliers to provide the Institute of Water Introduction to the UK Water Industry Course

Read the latest blog from Chief Scientist Ceris Van De Vyver :

With improvements to regulatory water quality compliance ever more challenging, Drinking Water Safety Plans (DWSP) highlighting company issues, risks and then investment requirements, Service Incentive Mechanism (Sim) scores focussing on customer service and relating to financial incentives then the time is right now to invest in improving water quality processes, practices and performance at the same time creating savings.

By improving compliance, reducing company risks in drinking water and improving overall performance at the customers tap leads directly to less failures and immediate cost savings. Panton McLeod can support you in reducing costs while developing tailored Water Quality procedures and processes in line with UK Best Practice, support their implementation through awareness and training and create a sustainable environment to fully embed and continually improve drinking water quality.

Our team has significant experience and can also channel practical expertise to advise, develop and support the implementation of cost-effective solutions, both established and innovative to enhance water quality and reduce energy costs at service reservoirs, potable water storage units and in distribution.

To find out more contact Ceris Van De Vyver

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