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News: April, 2017

  • Panton McLeod Values Day

    Panton McLeod Values Day

    Find out about Panton McLeod’s involvement in three key industry events.

    • WRc Innovation Day
    • Circular Economy Leaders Summit
    • Institute of Water National Conference
  • Walney to Wear Charity Bike Ride

    Walney to Wear Charity Bike Ride

    With under 2 weeks to go until The County Hunters cycling squad of 16 take on the W2W cycle route, including one of Panton McLeod’s Directors, Paul Henderson. The group will cycle 160 miles over 2 days, whilst raising funds for a brilliant local charity.

  • Positive Failures

    Positive Failures

    Can a failed pressure test be considered a positive outcome? Some days at work are so fulfilling, for example after the award of a new framework contract, one that has resulted from years of planning, good service and dedication, others are not so good, especially when your hard work doesn’t result in the targeted outcome.

  • Tony's view of the market

    Tony's view of the market

    As part of our Into Supply series, we spoke to Industry Expert Tony Kitchen of Ant Hire, to get his views on how the new IGN standards had affected the market.

  • Are you compliant with IGN Standards?

    Are you compliant with IGN Standards?

    In one form or another, and across many industries, hundreds of pressure tests are completed globally each day. In 2000, BS EN 805 was published and for the first-time specific criteria for assessing the acceptability of different pipeline systems was introduced. It was decided to adopt one procedure to test all new PE and PVC water and sewerage pressure pipelines laid in the U.K. and another method for ductile iron, steel and GRP.

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