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News: August, 2016

  • Case Study - Commissioning Services

    Case Study - Commissioning Services

    Our expertise makes us the first choice when commissioning new and refurbished pipelines into service and we are unrivalled in specialist cleaning and disinfection services designed specifically for the maintenance of pipe work.

    By providing a single interface between specialist and principal contractor the commissioning process is more efficient reducing the overall project length, additionally our reputation for excellence in Water Quality and hygienic working practises allows for the removal of duplicated supervision.

  • Perfect 100% site audit score recorded.

    Perfect 100% site audit score recorded.

    We are delighted to announce that their site teams have achieved preliminary 100% scores for our onsite Achilles audit for the second year running.

    On top of this perfect result the offsite audit scores also increased across the board, once final confirmation is available we will share the breakdown but we would like to say well done for everyone in the team for keeping such high standards.

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